Principal's Message​​​​

Welcome to McLurg High School!
I believe we have an excellent school for three main reasons. Firstly, we have a very well qualified, dedicated and professional staff. Secondly, we have parents that are supportive of the school and concerned about the education of their children. Finally, we have a group of students who are enthusiastic, diligent in their studies and proficient in many areas.
​I encourage all students to make the most of your time here at McLurg. This means enrolling in a variety of classes so that you have the most complete and well-rounded academic background possible. It also means getting involved in many other school-based activities. This provides you with opportunities that you often will not have once you leave school. Take advantage of this!! It will make your school years more memorable; it will prepare you to succeed in a greater variety of situations and it will continue to make McLurg High School a ” Great Place To Learn.”